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will you be here this evening? >> we're on our way out. >> reporter: when did you get here this morning? >> well, maybe around noon. >> thank you, continue to have fun. >> reporter: we'll talk about the weather now over the state line. overall,the temperatures are in the mid-80s. with i topped out in the upper 80s in spots. humidity is still moderate. and i think that overnight and into the next 12 to 24 hours uric'll notice a nice cool off. the heat will begin to crank up and the temperatures will get back up to the 90 and 90 and above mark tomorrow afternoon. i'm telling you. i love going to ocean city and the beach on the 4th of july. it's tough to be coming up here, just an hour and a half north, it's a beautiful spot. so much to do here.
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we'll be back talking about animals, my friend. it's good stuff. thank you, it seems like you're having a good time. we haven't started the weekend yet and maryland has more boating fatalities than all of last year. the coast guard is telling people to take extra precautions. they'll have extra boats patrolling and they want to see everyone in life jackets and they're urging people to drink responsibly and to remain aware of their surroundings. >> the water environment is treacherous, fast. for you're in the area and swimming, there could be fuel and debris in the water. it happens quickly. the reaction time the critical. >> so far, this year, maryland has had 13 boating fatalities this year. tonight, in an hour, a vigil will be held for a
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baltimore woman and her 4-year- old daughter found dead in their pardon me this week -- apartment this week. they were killed by the woman's boyfriend. baltimore city police made an arrest in the murder of a delivery man. the man was shot to death tuesday afternoon after he made a delivery at erdman avenue. the man arrested has a long criminal record and served 20 years in prison. a baltimore city grand jury indicted this man on rape charges. he's accused of raping a woman earlier this month as she unload groceries at her mt. vernon apartment. now, an update on that climbing instructor. the police say that no one has
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come forward accusingline -- lion -- ausing lions of abuse. he was arrested monday and he's been fired. the business wants to rebuild the competitive team and they're working to make sure this doesn't happen again. the open access methadone clinic is waiting 30 days to work out differences from state regulators. they're offering treatments in 15 minutes. the state said they didn't have approval. they launched the plan because they were tired of seeing drugs in the church. dr. andres alonso's contract has been renewed for another 4 years.
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his new contract expires in june of 2015. just in time for the 4th of july parties alcohol tax begins today. you'll pay 9%. the state expects to raise 85% for the tax. next year, the money goes to the general funds. and another state law taking effect should make wine lovers happy. they'll be able to ship their wine to anywhere in the world. the wineries in other states have seen the revenue grow 15% when allowed to ship elsewhere. the tradition continues in catonsville. as we found out, people are trying to get a good spot for the big show. >> reporter: it's days before
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the parade starts chairs and blankets are already placed along the sidewalk and grass. >> i would say about two weeks before the 4th of july, people put their chairs our. i don't think it means they're holding the chair, it's just a tradition. we see the chairs and we're excited. >> communities are proud of the attention. it brings attention to the community. we have a great parade and people want a front row spot to the parade in town. >> reporter: people are creative with how they mark their seating. some use yellow caution tape. >> we've used a sofa and toilets. >> reporter: the committee has fundraisers to help pay for the parade and forks -- fireworks. >> it takes us $100,000 to put on the day.
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we work 12 months to raise money for that. we have a catonsville prom. we have a golf outing and the t- shirts. >> reporter: the parade will include 17 marching bands starts monday at 3:00. along the route in catonsville, fred slate for abc2 news. sunday, the final touches will be put on the fireworks show. monday's show starts at 9:30. if it's canceled because of the leather it -- weather, it will be moved to tuesday at the same time. go to and in the slide show on the home page, we have a link to the 4th of july guide. and tomorrow, the african american festival kicks off the
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weekend run. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake opens up the festival at 2:30 at m&t bank stadium. 500,000 people are expected to attend. best part is it's free to get involved. the hot bed of lacrosse plays host to some of the best players in the weekend. also, why the players think it's important to play the game in maryland. there's no one here that isn't amazing. >> and the best players in the country are in buoy. we'll introduce you to the maryland connection. i'm here live at heresy park usa. it's about chocolate, roller coasters and alligators. we're back with more in a few minutes.
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you are looking live at sandy point state park. a lot of people took off yesterday and they're getting down there early and a lot of folks had to fight the big lines. a lot of folks are down the shore to have a good weekend down there. a good, safe weekend, we all hope. so, the orioles are out of town and you need too get your
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baseball fix. how about buoy and softball. the u.s. national's team is playing at bay stock. don harrison has a special preview. >> hey! >> reporter: to get ready for the world cup, the united states' women's softball team is playing in buoy tonight. these are the best 18 women player softball teams in the country. one of the players is from arnold. she's been playing all around the world. being able to play in her backyard is special. >> none of my friends have been able to see me unless it's on tv. it will be nice to have them here. >> reporter: the coach leads these women into the international arena of women's softball. with this talent, his job is easy >> it's not hard to get them
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going. >> pitch! >> the pitching staff is nice. i can count on everyone to do their job. everyone's here to play a part. >> reporter: this is jordan taylor. she's been throwing this ball around 70 miles per hour. with the pitching 40 feet away, the reaction time is about like a men's league. they're playing at the highest level of women's softball in the united states. this team is the defending world champions. one of the newest players is kristy. she lead the nation with 110 rbi's and 23 home runs. she's excited to be with her new team. >> i want to play with them and getting to know them and finding our own personalities, it's a journey.
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i'm looking forward to the rest of the summer. >> reporter: this coach makes sure he knows who the team represents. well, the team plays a double header tonight at buoy bay sox stadium. this weekend, you can check out the best high school lacrosse players in the country. thethe luncheon's featured a family affair. this boy will be on the south team and his girl is on the girl's -- and his sister is on the girl's team. >> it's cool to be at the top in that kind of town.
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>> the opening face off is at 4:00 tomorrow and the boy's game at 8:00. it will be on espn news. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate for weather rate. >> reporter: wyatt everhart here, joining you live 88 miles north of baltimore at hershey park. if you want to go somewhere, think about hershey park. we have the board walk, water park and we have zoo america here. we have very unique animals. this is a north american zoo. who's your friend here? >> i have a young alligator. he'll be a year old in august. he'll grow up to be a ten footer when he's full grown. he should go to ten feet? >> yes. and he's showing a few of the teeth again.
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>> you know, it's really interesting. we've not just a gator here and the crowd's gathering to look at him. this is brewster the bearded owl. >> this is an owl that likes the wetlands. maryland would be perfect for it. pretty much, along the eastern coast. >> reporter: the eyes are amazing. he's up past his bedtime, right? >> he would prefer to be asleep right now. but he has to be going to work. >> reporter: you can go to the zoo also? >> yes, on the same day you visit the park. yes, this is one of the many birds of pray on exhibit at the zoo. this weekend, it would be a perfect time to visit. we have two bald eagles on display. >> reporter: well, bald eagles
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and bearded owls. and the gator. >> we have them all here at hershey park. we have to talk a little bit about the weather here. let's get you into it. tonight, the forecast is quickly cooling off. we'll get into the 50s and 60s. as we look at the tomorrow forecast for you, up to 91 degrees. getting hotter and the seven- day forecast, all weekend long is going to be a very, well, it will be hot by the afternoon and that's perfect park weather. we'll have a slight chance of an evening storm. you have the whole day down here to check out the park. again, just to give you an idea on pricing. $53.95 for adults. there's a ton of ways to save. kids under age 9, $32.95. that's like a 12 hour pass, the zoo, the rides and hershey chocolate and all of the fans out here.
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that's it for now. we'll be back one more time in a few minutes. all right, thank you, wyatt. a local soccer team is keeping a maryland state trooper's memory alive. there he died in may while chasing a motorcycle. well he was off duty, he coached his son's soccer team, now, the team has a shot at a national championship. >> they'll get fast. yeah. >> he sponsored the kids, when ever he could and he would be proud of his son and his team. he would be proud of the accomplishments that the team has made. i'm blessed to have known him
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and he would be proud of the team behind me now. >> he was a great man and he always cracked jokes. >> reporter: now, if you want to sponsor the team, you can contact two local organizers. the national soccer competition will be held in idaho. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. how big is your digital footprint. you may not know how much information you're giving out about yourself by just getting online. plus, a free app that allows you to do background checks on people through your ipad. those stories and the complete forecast, here in the studio. join us for more at 11:00. p?p?p?p?p?p?p?
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wyatt, the folks in the studio want you to bring back crackle bars and hershey's with almonds. >> i'll put that on the list of my running tab. are you a dark or milk chocolate guy? >> dark chocolate. that's also what rodney wants in the studio. >> okay, i'm with you on that, man. you should have seen the smore i had. >> we've seen people coming out. they have fireworks up here tomorrow night. it will be about 10:15. 10:00 to 10:00 all weekend long. sunday will be the busiest day. tomorrow would be a good day to come up and do the fireworks. today, we had a good day.
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the storm runner, all kinds of stuff going on. the man responsible for setting it off. get in here. you're under orders, sir. this comes from high above. harry, 46 years? >> that's correct. >> a towson guy. >> yeah, and you set this up for us? >> yep, i do. that's what i do and i like doing. it's fun. >> well, you'll be with us at the station. we're happy you're finishing up an incredible run. but you get more time with the grand kids? >> yes, that's the plan. >> how many of these things would you have guessed you set up? >> over 300 maybe. >> we're in hershey, pennsylvania. >> what's the furthest you've gone?
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>> well, the west coast, i've been to seattle and l.a. you know, eastern shore, ocean city, you name it. >> wow. >> it's been fun. >> you look back on 40 plus years, what's one of the moments that jumped out on you? >> well, i was there after dr. king was killed. it was frightening to watch the city in such turmoil. that was one of the really momentous nights in my life. when that happened at virginia tech, also. >> amazing moments and an amazings career. you'll be with us a few days aweek, right? >> yes, that's right. >> we have to finish on a bright note. >> if you're wondering where you need to go over the weekend, go to hershey park. >> harry, you're a class act,
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we'll miss you. that's it for us at 6:00, we'll see you in a bit.
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